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Retail Store Display - 7 Steps to Achieve Successful Product Selling

  • September 21,2023

Retail displays when deployed properly are sales promotional tools. They help to sell more and increase your margins. In today's shopping centres, consumers have the choice between a sheer endless number of different products and brands. Countless items are competing for scarce attention of shoppers.

Retailers must find creative ways to make their products stand out from the mass in order to boost brand sales. According to estimations reported by POPAI (Point of Purchase Agency International) 60% of buying decisions are made in store and competition is growing every day -- you'll need innovative solutions for your custom display needs.

In keeping with the view of The Rtech Group, the developers of modern, efficient and affordable commercial property in Jaipur, there are three main display types that retail owners can use to display their merchandise -

1.    Floor Stands are retail displays, which can be placed anywhere on the retail floor and host a variety of product categories. It is the most often deployed display type, because it can withstand a huge amount of product weight for a very long time.

2.    Counter pop displays are put on tables and counters where space is really limited. When it comes to attracting impulsive buyers. Retailers have developed various strategies including enticing them with last minute purchases while waiting in line at the checkout counter.

3.    The significance of retail signs in enhancing product branding is notable as they are commonly paired with store displays to emphasize specific attributes of a particular item. Interestingly enough. An eye catching and strategically placed retail sign can prove highly effective despite its simplicity.

How to get your ideal retail display?

1.    Analyse your product's features. First of all, consider the size, weight, shape and colour of the product you would like to showcase on retail fixtures. What is special about this product, how can you best accentuate its features?

2.    Consider the theme of your store. Think about which materials will fit best your store design. You want to emphasize your displayed product, but don't want to risk to destroy the overall look of your store choosing wrong materials and colours for your retail display.

3.    Determining the ideal customer for your showcased product holds great significance. Familiarizing yourself with the customer demographics helps in effectively tailoring marketing strategies towards engaging with potential buyers.

4.    When deciding on a retail display type it is important to consider the location within the retail space where your fixtures will be placed. There are numerous options available to design your fixture based on this consideration.

5.    Communicate your brand message. Think of a special feature, information or a brand slogan you want to communicate to customers and utilize graphics, banner and signs to make your product informative and stand out.

6.    Get some design inspiration. Browse the web and find some retail displays that is closest to your needs. Take this design as your starting point for your own custom retail display.

7.    When searching for a reputable source for your retail display. It is essential to find a trustworthy and reliable resource. It is advisable to examine their industry specific expertise and compare their previous projects with those offered by other manufacturers. In assessing their credibility, it is important to determine if they can provide a proven track record, an ample number of completed projects, and credible testimonials from satisfied clients. Additionally, engaging in discussions regarding their working process and sharing details about your program will help you gain insight into how they approach projects and whether they are able to meet your specific needs. Finally requesting a quote and conducting another comparison will enable you to make an informed decision.

Once you have your desired retail display well integrated in your retail store, good chances are you will be able to see improved conversions for your featured product.

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